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Quick Facts: Technologies of EV Motor Controller

The past few years witnessed a significant rise in electric vehicles. More people are turning to these vehicles due to their efficacy and the reduced need for fuel. Research shows that the high price of fuel is contributing to the consistent rise of electric vehicles, along with the technologies that these cars use. The EV motor controller plays a crucial role in these vehicles but is often one of the misunderstood parts. We’ll look at the basic applications and trends in the use of an EV controller in the modern day. 

Basic Motor Controller Applications

There are numerous applications where a GTAKE motor controller can become useful. The location of the EV controller is usually between the motor of the vehicle and the battery. It’s sometimes integrated into the circuit or rather utilized as an external box. The DC power from the battery is sent to the EV controller, which converts to an AC output – and sends this power to the motor. 

Due to the position of the GTAKE motor controller, it provides the opportunity to control certain functions of the electric vehicle’s motor effectively. 

While this has become a default application, there are other uses for an EV controller. It can be used in an air conditioning system that uses electric motors, as well as an electric brake solution that is used in a vehicle. 

Other possible applications include:

  • Recirculation pumps
  • Water pumps
  • Air compressors
  • Electric steering systems

Efficiency Optimization Technology

There are several technologies that make a GTAKE motor controller more efficient.
Some of the efficiency optimization technologies that are used in the EV motor controller include:

  • Carrier frequency dynamic adjustment technology helps to module the transmission of power in certain applications, with the purpose of reducing overall power consumption. 
  • MTPA technology helps to regulate the torque of a vehicle.
  • DPWM and CPWM technologies are incorporated to minimize failures and improve efficiency further. 
  • Overmodulation technology adds safety features to the system.

Module Junction Temperature Protection Technology

GTAKE motor controllers can provide an efficient solution for the estimation of temperatures in various applications. The insulated gate bipolar transistor, known as IGBT, is consistently monitored to detect temperature changes. Sampling diodes are responsible for the detection of temperature changes, in which case the GTAKE motor controller will then make appropriate estimates. 

The temperature protection strategy will then implement appropriate actions based on these readings. The measurements consistently ensure the right automated functions kick in when needed. 

Trends In Motor Controller Technology

Numerous trends can be seen when it comes to the use of a GTAKE motor controller.

Security is becoming a key trend in the industry. High levels of security functions are implemented in motor controllers to reduce certain risks previously faced with older models. 

They can also be used in high EMC class applications, and modern technologies allow them to handle higher voltages. This significantly expands on the usage options that are available when using a GTAKE motor controller. 

Another trend in the production of motor controller technology that we see is an increase in power density and better device integrations. Many companies work on the implementation of more customization options. Such as, with the GTAKE motor controller line, customization will often play an essential role in how versatile the controller makes a specific system. 

GTAKE motor controller options also take safety seriously, which is why you’ll also notice a trend that includes modules that detect unexpected changes in a system. The controller makes intelligent choices based on these changes to assure the safety of the user or the surrounding equipment in the environment. Temperature monitoring, voltage readings, and several other methods help to increase the safety of applications where a GTAKE motor controller is used.


GTAKE was founded in 2009 and has been delivering quality motor controllers, power sources, and several other hardware to customers. The company is proud of its high-quality standards and provides supplies for both small and large projects. New product lines are also regularly introduced by GTAKE to further add convenience to electrical projects and the production process. Contact GTAKE to find out how their selection of motor controllers can provide a cost-effective and highly efficient addition to the projects you are working on. 

A well-known bus manufacturer in China successfully secured an order of one hundred 18-meter hybrid electric buses recently from a Karachi company. GTAKE, as a premium supplier of electric vehicle (EV) motor controller, supplied integrated solutions of EV motor controllers for this batch of buses.

These buses, powered by GTAKE controllers, will be operated in Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan, which further adds GTAKE’s global presence in the field of EV motor controllers.
Karachi, the economic center of Pakistan, is a metropolitan with a population of 20 million. With such a large population base, the issues of road congestion and citizen travel demand are becoming more and more prominent, and there is an urgent need to establish a comprehensive network for public transportation. Two BRT special lines, the orange line and the green line, came into being in Karachi under this circumstance.

BRT ( Bus Rapid Transit), as a new operating system, uses modern bus technology with intelligent traffic management, enabling the traditional bus transportation system basically to reach the level of service of rail transportation, while its investment and operating costs are lower than rail transit and close to conventional buses. With the previous in-depth survey, the customer decided to adopt hybrid system solution for the buses. Models G03 and G04 motor controllers are utilized in the system, according to the proposal presented by GTAKE. The core components of the two controllers are from leading companies, not only guaranteeing the performance,

but also providing quick dynamic response for the operation. GTAKE persists in providing high-quality products by virtue of optimal software system, as well as automotive grade components to ensure safe operation of the vehicle, and provide a comfortable bus travel experience for passengers.

Based on the terrain characteristics of Karachi, this batch of electric buses select to adopt lightweight solution. The controller developed by GTAKE has the advantage of high space utilization, playing a significant role in reducing the weight of the vehicle.

·G03 external dimensions: 488mm × 244mm × 110mm; weight: 13.5kg
·G04 external dimensions: 600mm × 300mm × 142.8mm; weight: 22kg

The GTAKE controllers are able to meet the climbing demand easily. Under the constant power mode, the output torque can be maintained to be stable and sufficient. Through an optimized torque control tactic, the vehicle can run on slopes smoothly and stop comfortably without sliding backward.

·G03 rated voltage: 540V; rated power: 132 kW; peak power: 198 kW
·G04 rated voltage: 540V; rated power: 200 kW; peak power: 300 kW

Energy saving and environmental protection are regarded as two important indexes for a hybrid electric vehicle. During low-speed or decelerating driving, the controller can automatically recognize the operating status of the vehicle, and shift to the mode of electric power supply for the vehicle in order to reduce exhaust emissions. The G03 controller is equipped with the mechanism of energy recycling. It stores regenerating energy dynamically, and monitors the battery capacity at all times, ensuring the vehicle is always in a balanced status and increase the mileage remarkably.

Bus, as a way of transportation to serve the public, is endowed with properties of frequent-use, and prone to go through complex city roads and weather conditions. The safety of the vehicle system, therefore, must be treated as the paramount criterion. The models G03 and G04 motor controllers in the bus are programmed with all-round protections, such as quick protection on short-circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, over-temperature, overload, encoder disconnection, etc., also their IP grade meets the standard IP67.
These hybrid electric buses are expected to run in Karachi Orange & Green BRT pass in the near future, a beautiful landscape of the city. It will bring convenient travels to local citizens, and significantly contribute to the environmental protection as well. It is also believed it will provide reproducible experience to more cities in Pakistan to carry out the settlement of BRT.

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