We make lasting contributions to motor control and clean energy systems, solutions and products in search of a sustainable path for the world. We integrate cutting-edge technologies into industrial variable frequency drives, servo drives, winder power converters, solar inverters for the industrial and clean energy markets. We also offer HEV/EV motor controllers for automobiles with superior efficiency, reliability and passenger comfort. Our growth is driven by the growing demand for better performance of automation systems and energy management, lower emissions and greater intelligence.

Company Culture


Make our customers more productive and the world more sustainable.


Make the automation system more intelligent, efficient, reliable and energy saving.


Become a world-class provider in the field of industrial automation.

Global Business and Business Philosophy

Globally, for everyone on the planet, we face the same challenge of increasing pollution from petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, especially in medium and large cities. Hybrid and electric vehicles offer a great solution to minimize pollution or transfer pollutants in the form of concentrated emissions. Safety, efficiency, reliability and passenger comfort are the highest requirements in every vehicle. Based on state-of-the-art technology, the Gtake HEV/EV motor controller has proven to be unparalleled, thanks not only to its knowledge, long-term investigation, in-depth research, but also to the strict implementation of quality control standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009. All investors and employees are dedicated, creative and hardworking. When they founded the company that would later become Gtake in 2009, they applied these characteristics along with excellent craftsmanship, service and integrity.



These qualities are still the basis of our business philosophy today. Gtake’s leadership in motion control, energy transition and optimization solutions is based on a strategic vision, quality performance and its core value – customer obsession. We build on proven success with technologies that redefine the way our customers’ industrial systems and renewable energy equipment operate. We are guided by our strong tradition of integrity, driven by our customers’ needs, aligned with our strategic vision and goals, and upheld by our core values and principles.

Gtake knows that its customers need to locate in growth areas, so we are right there with them when we are
required – designing, manufacturing, and servicing our products. Careful consideration of environmental and cultural differences is the key to establishing Gtake as a concerned global citizen.

Our global presence allows us to respond quickly to the needs of our customers. Customers and the industry at large recognize our people as a competitive advantage through their diverse representation of the global community. Additionally, as a company and as employees, we respond to the needs of our local communities by donating our time, talents, and fund.

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