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What is Power Battery Pack Test System?

In this era of rapid development of electrification and intelligence, electric vehicles, energy storage systems and various types of electric drive equipment have become part of our daily life. As the core power source of these devices, the performance and safety of the power battery pack directly affect the reliability and user experience of the product. And behind these, there is an important behind-the-scenes hero – Power Battery Pack Test System. It is not only a key tool for battery pack performance evaluation, but also a technical guarantee for battery safety and extended service life.

Main Function

The Power Battery Pack Test System combines advanced power electronics technology, computer technology and control theory to enable comprehensive and accurate testing of power battery packs. The system is widely used in lithium battery manufacturers, electric vehicle manufacturers, charging stations, energy storage stations, battery testing institutions, battery research institutions and other fields.

Power Battery Pack Test System has the following functions.

  • Performance evaluation: The test system evaluates the electrochemical performance of the battery pack through a variety of experimental methods, including capacity, energy density, power density and other parameters.
  • Safety test: including over charge, over discharge, battery short circuit, thermal runaway and other safety tests to ensure the safety of the battery pack under extreme conditions.
  • Life test: Through cyclic charge and discharge test, evaluate the service life of the battery pack and its performance attenuation in long-term use.
  • Environmental adaptability test: Evaluate the performance of the battery pack under different temperature, humidity and vibration conditions to ensure its reliability in various environments.
  • Fault diagnosis: By monitoring battery strings in real time, you can detect and diagnose potential battery string faults and provide preventive maintenance suggestions.
  • Modular testing: The modular design of the test system provides flexibility and independent channel operation for efficient testing.

Working principle

Working principle of Power Battery Pack Test System is based on a variety of test methods and advanced measurement technology. Here are some of the key things that work.

  • Charge and discharge test: Standard or accelerated charge and discharge cycle of the battery pack through the control system, record the voltage, current, temperature and other parameters of the battery pack, and evaluate its capacity, efficiency and cycle life.
  • DC Internal Resistance Testing: While measuring the overall DC internal resistance of the module, the DC internal resistance values of each cell can also be automatically calculated through user-defined variables calculation..
  • Conditions Simulation Test: Support condition simulation testing of EV and energy storage power stations. The measured working conditions can be automatically converted into testing programs. Support the conversion of working condition data files in EXCEL and CSV into executable testing program files
  • Multi-channel Parallel Technology: Support multi-channel or multi-machine parallel operation of the testing equipment. Capable of output up to 2400A of current output. Flexible equipment configuration to meet expansion needs.
  • IGBT control technology: The use of IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) control technology to simulate various operating conditions of electric vehicles, energy storage stations and communication power supplies to achieve efficient energy conversion and accurate electrical performance testing. The GTAKEPCBS series Power Battery Pack Test System utilizes advanced IGBT control technology and modular design to achieve comprehensive and efficient electrical performance testing under simulated operating conditions.

Technical Index

  • Test range: Power range: 30kW~800kW.Voltage Range: 0V~1700V. Single channel current range: ±1200A
  • Test accuracy: Voltage test control accuracy ± 02%F.S. Current test control accuracy up to ± 0.03%F.S.

Importance of Power Battery Test System in Practical Application

  • R&d and production: Power battery pack test system plays a key role in the development, design and production process of the battery pack to ensure that the new product meets the expected performance and safety standards before being put on the market.
  • Quality control: In the manufacturing process of the battery pack, the test system is used for strict quality control to ensure the quality consistency and reliability of each batch of products.
  • Fault analysis: In the process of use, if there is a problem with the battery pack, the test system can help quickly diagnose the cause of the fault and put forward suggestions for improvement.
  • Regulatory compliance: Countries have strict regulatory requirements for the safety and environmental protection of power battery packs, and testing systems help manufacturers ensure that products comply with these regulations.
  • Batch consistency check: Through systematic testing, to ensure the consistency of battery pack performance and safety in mass production.

In short, the Power Battery Pack Test System is an important tool to ensure the reliability and safety of electric vehicles, energy storage systems and other electric drive equipment.

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