SLR01A – Pasture water supply

PV water supply system can effectively solve the problem of power and water shortage, and provide efficient water supply solutions to the family in remote area, as well as meet the demands of pressurized water supply in the communities and a kinds of water for living in daily life. Solar energy water supply system for daily life is mainly made up of solar energy components, solar energy water pump controller, water pump, reservoir and other equipments. The system is adapted to the areas that are short of power and water because it can drive the water pump to lift the water by exploiting the solar energy generation. At the same time, this system also can meet the demands of water supply for daily life (water purification plant is optional without using commercial power and diesel generator.

Program Features

  • The system can be powered by PV components directly. (If it is convenient to connect the commercial power, the mode of dual-track power supply can be applied) At the same time, it also supports close-loop control which can control the flow, pressure and liquid level automatically and precisely.
  • SLR01A drives are equipped with three operation modes. Both plug-and-play mode for robust MPPT operation and senior mode for the best performance of MPPT require a few parameter settings. Professional mode is for the users who ask for functions like pressure limit mode, multi-step pressure control, and escapology on pump filter blocking on cloudy days, etc.
  • The SLR01A solar pump drive is tailored to effectively use the energy from the sunshine. Its inbuilt maximum power point tracking functionality always feeds the maximum amount of power possible from the panels to the pump.
  • When sunlight radiation meets the threshold requirement, the GTAKE solar pump drive starts automatically, and the pump connected to it begins to run. When the sunshine is weak, the pump will fall into sleep.
  • Dry run protection is one of quite important functionalities for automatic operation of the water pumping system, realized by GTAKE without requirement of signal feedback from any devices.
  • Pressure limit mode under power supply from solar panels. Users need to use this functionality in some water supply systems, when the pressure needs to be limited not to exceed a certain value.
  • Pressure control mode under AC power supply from grid or diesel generator. Users would like to use this functionality in some water supply systems, when the pressure is required to be a constant value and the drive are being connected to AC power supply from grid or diesel generator.
  • The system is applicable to asynchronous and synchronous motor and support DC input, single-phase AC input and three-phase AC input.

System Functions

Related Products

SLR01A is the dedicated inverter for solar pump system which can be applied for agricultural irrigation, water treatment, city parks, foundation, etc. Its unique and advanced MPPT algorithm ensures that the max. efficiency reachs to 99% and more water can be pumped per day than other brands.

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