G04 EV/HEV Motor Controller

G04 supports 540Vdc voltage platform and its max. output current can reach up to 900Arms. G04 has been applied for trucks, big buses over 12m, etc.

Product Description

Quick torque respond time: <5ms; Torque control accuracy: ±5%.Quick torque respond time: <5ms; Torque control accuracy: ±5%.
Key components and parts are specialized for vehicles, with fast response and better performance.Key components and parts are specialized for vehicles, with fast response and better performance.


EV/HEV traction motor controller-G04 frame


Model Applicable motor Input voltage range Peak current Low-Voltage range
KTZ54X57SHA**  Synchronous / asynchronous motor 400V DC ~ 750V DC 570 A/1min 9 ~ 36V DC
KTZ54X69SHA** 400V DC ~ 750V DC 690 A/1min 9 ~ 36V DC
KTZ54X90SHA** 400V DC ~ 750V DC 900 A/1min 9 ~ 36V DC


Power Supply
Rated input voltage 540V DC
Input voltage range 400V DC ~ 750V DC
Auxiliary low-voltage power supply 9V DC ~ 36V DC


Output Data (U, V, W)
Output peak current 570A / 690A / 900A
Duration 1 min
Output frequency range 0~1000 Hz


Applicable Motor
Type Synchronous / asynchronous motor
Position sensor Resolver
Temperature sensor type PT100 / PT1000 / NTC
Temperature sensor channel 2


CAN Communication
Terminal resister Optional
Protocol Customized


Mechanical parameter
Weight 22±0.5 kg
Dimension W×H×D(mm): 300×600×142.8


Vibration GB/T18488.1-2015, and GB/T 28046.3-2011
Humidity Relative humidity 5% – 95 %. No condensation
Ambient temperature -40ºC – 85 ºC
Altitude 0 – 2,000 m
Rated output current  derated 1% every 100 m above 1,000 m
Storage temperature -40 – +85 ºC
Efficiency ≥98 % at rated working point
IP grade IP 67
Cooling method Water cooling


Application Scope

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