With fuel costs on the rise, companies are constantly looking for ways to make their fleets more efficient and economical. The electrification of heavy-duty haul can make a big difference, reduce fuel usage, and help your business establish itself as sustainable. In 2021, the registration of heavy-duty vehicles and electrified trucks in China rose by 40% compared to 2020. The GTAKE electric vehicle motor drive is one part that can make a significant difference in adapting to the trend for heavy-duty electric vehicles. We’ll delve into how these systems contribute to greater efficiency and sustainability in the modern days.

Why Electrification Is Necessary

First, let’s talk about why it’s necessary to consider the electrification of your fleet. Traditional systems take advantage of mechanical parts and require constant maintenance. With electric vehicles on the rise, it’s essential to understand their benefits and how they can make fundamental changes in your business.

One of the primary reasons why it has become necessary for companies to consider the electrification of their heavy-duty vehicles is due to the lower impact they have on the environment. With more traditional systems, carbon emissions are consistently pushed into the air. This causes air pollution and even contributes to what is known as global warming. With electric vehicles in your fleet, you’ll be able to significantly reduce your impact on the environment.

Of course, that’s not the only benefit. Here are other reasons why electric vehicles might be the better choice:

Overview Of Motor Controllers

The GTAKE electric vehicle motor drive plays a critical part in ensuring the vehicle can move and operate efficiently. These controllers form an integral part of the electric vehicle. In fact, many would think of the MCU as the heart behind the vehicle. The battery powers up the controller, and it then provides power to the motor itself. Electrification greatly improves transmission efficiency compared with traditional engines, which in turn reduces carbon emissions and lowers the operating cost.

Application Of Motor Controllers In Commercial Vehicles And Construction Machinery

There are several commercial vehicles that can use a GTAKE electric vehicle motor drive to go the electrified route. They are sometimes used in heavy-duty trucks – which can lead to better performance when the correct type of battery is used.

Not only trucks can benefit from these motor controllers, however. Specific construction machinery, such as heavy-duty forklifts, could also be potential targets for using a GTAKE electric vehicle motor drive. The controller can help to offer precise control over how much power is needed for certain parts of the forklift to perform certain functions, such as lifting heavy objects.

Future Outlook

Between 2021 and 2031, it’s expected that the global market for electric vehicle motor controllers will grow by an annual 14.93%, currently valued at over $821.59 billion. The market will continue to grow, and the GTAKE electric vehicle motor drive is only one example of how this company is staying ahead of the curve. The GTAKE electric vehicle motor drive is joined by several other controllers and parts that can help manufacturers take the next step in ensuring they are in line with futuristic developments – and to have a tangible impact in reducing the emission of carbon gases.


GTAKE is a manufacturer of electric vehicle parts that offers quality and efficiency at its core. From customer service to factory space, the company is fitted with everything you need to move toward heavy-duty electric haul, such as the GTAKE electric vehicle motor drive. To learn more about how GTAKE can help your business adapt to modern trends, be sure to reach out and talk to one of the industry experts at the company.

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