Motor controller – Small and medium bus drive solution

GTAKE electric vehicle controllers and its peripheral products can be applied to pure electric bus, hybrid power bus, pure electric passenger car and special car, etc. They are series products, which ranges from 3kW to 450kW. Modularization design, perfect functions, low energy consumption, long endurance, high reliability and maximum efficiency is 98.5%. It is perfect combination of excellent drive technology and vehicle industry experience Product functions and performance are certificated by authoritative agencies and it has passed the strict test in domestic vehicle manufactures and powertrain suppliers. There are tens of thousands products are working stably all over the country.

Small and medium size bus drive solution is mainly used in the electric drive of 6~10m pure electric commercial vehicle. The rated power of electric drive system is from 45kW to 80kW and battery DC voltage is 300v and above (like312v,336v, 580v, 384v, 540v, etc.). These medium size buses are mainly for pure electric medium size bus, reception vehicle, light vehicle, logistics vehicle, special vehicle, etc.

The permanent synchronous and AC asynchronous system are optional. Besides, all the GTAKE new energy car controller products are N+N modular design. They support single master drive, single master drive +multiple accessories, multiple accessories drive combinations, etc. Check the details with GTAKE.

Program Features

  • The hardware is automotive grade: high power density, small size, light weight. The software is modular and platform design. Full protections and fault managements, excellent motor control strategies guarantee the whole system has high reliability.
  • Excellent dynamic control arithmetic ensures the motor runs without vibration, which makes it work smoothly and conformably in different speeds and roads. Drive has strong output ability, large peak torque and strong climbing ability.
  • Excellent torque output ability in whole speed range, output torque is smooth even in constant power area.
  • High operation efficiency: maximum efficiency is up to 94% High power density and high efficiency motor. Wide high efficiency area: more than 60% area efficiency is higher than 85%.
  • Rich functions: standing wave, speed limit, temperature-adaptive, short circuit protection, over current/voltage protection, over heat protection, over load protection, communication fault, battery feedback adjustment, etc.
  • Protection grade is as high as lP67, which makes it has excellent adaptability and be resistant to high temperature and salt fog environment.

System Functions

Related Products

G03 supports both 340Vdc and 540Vdc voltage platform and its max. output current can reach up to 410Arms and 525Arms accordingly. G03 has been applied to all kinds of trucks, 8-10m buses, logistics vehicles and compatible with synchronous and asynchronous motor.

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