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Revolutionize Your Elevator System with GK900 Book-type Versatile AC Drive – Here’s How!

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In today’s dynamic world, elevators play a vital role in vertical transportation, requiring efficient and reliable motor control systems to ensure smooth operation. GTAKE, a trusted elevator VFD manufacturer, has developed the revolutionary GK900 book-type versatile AC drive. In this blog, we will explore the transformative capabilities of the GK900 and how it can revolutionize your elevator system. By the end, you’ll understand why GTAKE is the recommended choice for elevators seeking optimal performance and efficiency.


Introducing the GK900 Book-type Versatile AC Drive


The GK900 is a game-changing motor control system specifically designed for elevator applications. As part of GTAKE’s versatile series, it offers a cost-effective alternative to previous models, GK620 and GK820, while optimizing performance and incorporating new functions. This universal AC drive caters to various industries, from simple fan and pump systems to demanding applications.


Revolutionize Your Elevator System with the GK900


  • Enhanced Performance and Efficiency

The GK900 significantly enhances the performance and efficiency of your elevator system. Its advanced control algorithms and high-precision torque limit capabilities deliver precise motor control, minimizing wear and tear on elevator components. This extends the lifespan of your elevator system and reduces maintenance and operational costs.

  • Optimal Speed Control and Ride Quality

The GK900’s outstanding speed tracing function and advanced motor control feature to ensure optimal speed control and ride quality. Elevator passengers will experience smoother acceleration and deceleration, eliminating the discomfort caused by sudden jolts. The result is a safe and comfortable ride, enhancing passenger satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Space-saving Design and Installation Flexibility

GTAKE’s GK900 features a compact book-type design that maximizes space utilization. Side-to-side installation capabilities save up to 70% of space without de-rating. This flexibility is invaluable, especially in environments with limited space availability, enabling the efficient integration of the GK900 into your elevator system.

  • Enhanced Reliability and Safety

Reliability and safety are paramount in elevator systems, and the GK900 excels in both areas. Its independent air cooling tunnel ensures better printed circuit board (PCB) protection, increasing overall system reliability. Additionally, the GK900 complies with multiple EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) specifications and solutions, meeting CE standards and ensuring a safe and compliant elevator operation.




Why Choose GTAKE for Your Elevator System?


GTAKE has established itself as a trusted and innovative leader in the elevator VFD industry. With a strong focus on research and development, GTAKE consistently delivers cutting-edge solutions tailored to the unique needs of elevators. Their commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction sets them apart as the recommended choice for elevators seeking to revolutionize their motor control systems.




Incorporating GTAKE’s GK900 book-type versatile AC drive into your elevator system can revolutionize its performance, efficiency, and ride quality. With enhanced speed control, precise motor control, space-saving design, and superior reliability, the GK900 is a transformative solution for elevators of all types. Trust GTAKE as your partner in elevating your elevator system to new heights, and experience the difference that the GK900 can make in revolutionizing your vertical transportation experience.


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