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Rev Up Your Ride: Introducing the D03 EV Motor Controller

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Attention all car enthusiasts! Are you ready to take your ride to the next level? Say hello to the revolutionary D03 EV Motor Controller. This cutting-edge device will change the way you think about electric and hybrid vehicles, with its advanced features and unmatched performance. Whether you’re a fan of sleek sports cars or eco-friendly hybrids, this motor controller is sure to rev up your ride like never before. So buckle up, because we’re about to take an exhilarating journey into the world of high-tech automotive engineering. Let’s go!


What is the D03 EV Motor Controller?


The D03 EV Motor Controller is a high-performance controller specifically designed for electric vehicles. With a rated voltage of 72V and a maximum power of up to 10kW, the D03 Motor Controller is versatile and can be applied to various electric vehicles such as motorcycles, scooters, golf carts, and sightseeing cars.


Features of the D03 EV Motor Controller


The D03 Motor Controller boasts a range of impressive features, including:

  • Compliance with Standards: All GTAKE electric vehicle motor controllers, including the D03, meet industry standards such as GB/T 18488.1, GB/T 2423.17, GB14023.4, and GB/T 17619.4, ensuring safety and reliability.
  • Quick Torque Response: With a torque response time of less than 5ms and torque control accuracy of ±5%, the D03 Motor Controller delivers rapid and precise control over the motor’s torque output.
  • High Power Density and Overload Capacity: The D03 Motor Controller utilizes SMD MOSFET and aluminum plate cooling technology, allowing for higher power density and increased overload capacity.
  • Compact and Lightweight Design: The D03 Motor Controller is designed to maximize power while reducing weight. Its compact size and lightweight construction contribute to improved vehicle performance and efficiency.
  • Advanced Protection Features: GTAKE motor controllers are equipped with comprehensive protection features, including short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, overheating, over-load, and encoder disconnection protection. This ensures the longevity and safety of the controller and the vehicle.


How Does the D03 EV Motor Controller Work?


The D03 Motor Controller works by receiving input signals from the vehicle’s control system and converting them into precise control commands for the electric motor. Through advanced control algorithms and real-time feedback, the D03 Motor Controller regulates the motor’s speed and torque, providing smooth and efficient operation.



Advantages of Using the D03 EV Motor Controller


Using the D03 Motor Controller on your electric vehicle offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Enhanced Performance: The D03 Motor Controller provides precise control over the motor’s speed and torque, resulting in improved acceleration, responsiveness, and overall performance of the vehicle.
  • Energy Efficiency: With a high system efficiency of over 94% and motor system efficiency of over 96%, the D03 Motor Controller helps optimize energy usage, maximizing the vehicle’s range and reducing energy consumption.
  • Reliability and Safety: The D03 Motor Controller’s advanced protection features ensure the safety of the vehicle and its components, protecting against potential issues such as short-circuits, overloads, and overheating.
  • Flexible Connectivity: The D03 Motor Controller supports both terminal control and CAN bus control, allowing for seamless integration with the vehicle’s communication network and enabling real-time and reliable data transmission.


Why Choose GTAKE for Your EV Motor Controller Needs?


GTAKE, as a renowned company in the electric vehicle industry, offers exceptional EV motor controllers such as the D03. With a commitment to quality, performance, and innovation, GTAKE has established itself as a trusted provider of reliable and efficient motor controllers. By choosing GTAKE, you can be confident in the durability, functionality, and support of your EV motor controller.




The D03 EV Motor Controller by GTAKE is a game-changer in the world of electric vehicles. With its impressive features, high performance, and reliable operation and EV power, the D03 Motor Controller takes your electric vehicle experience to new heights. Whether you’re riding a motorcycle, scooter, golf cart, or sightseeing car, the D03 Motor Controller will deliver the power and control you need for a thrilling and efficient ride. Choose GTAKE and unlock the full potential of your electric vehicle journey.

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