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Empowering Electric Vehicles: GTAKE’s Cutting-Edge EV Motor Controller Inverter

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As a customers-oriented company, GTAKE is committed to empowering electric vehicles (EVs) with our cutting-edge EV motor controller inverter. We understand the importance of seamless integration and optimal performance in the world of electric mobility. In this article, we will explore how GTAKE’s EV motor controller inverter solutions unleash the potential of electric mobility, providing Customers with advanced technology that enhances performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Unleashing the Potential of Electric Mobility: GTAKE’s EV Motor Controller Inverter Solutions

At GTAKE, we are proud to offer innovative EV motor controller inverter solutions that are designed to unlock the full potential of electric mobility. Our solutions are tailored to address the unique challenges of electric vehicles, providing Customers with a seamless integration experience and optimal performance.


Robust Build, Uncompromised Protection: Meticulously designed for resilience, GTAKE’s motor controllers boast an IP67 rating, the fruit of meticulous material selection and advanced engineering. With fortified frames and a reinforced conformal coating, these controllers stand resolute against even the harshest environments.


Versatile Control Options: The realm of control is expansive, with GTAKE’s EV/HEV motor controllers accommodating both terminal control and CAN bus control. Seamless integration is realized, with GTAKE controllers fostering direct CAN node hardware connections at transmission baud rates reaching up to 1 Mbps, ensuring real-time, secure, and reliable communication.


Adaptive Functionality: A versatile array of multi-functional I/O terminals caters to the diverse requirements of various applications, endowing the controllers with adaptability and versatility.


Unwavering Efficiency: The entire system’s efficiency stands resolutely above 94%, with the motor system pushing beyond to exceed 96%. Notably, over 85% efficiency covers a substantial area of operation, surpassing 75%.


Seamless Integration and Optimal Performance: GTAKE’s EV Motor Controller Inverter for Electric Vehicles

GTAKE’s EV motor controller inverter is specifically engineered to provide seamless integration and optimal performance in electric vehicles. Our inverter offers several key benefits that contribute to the overall success of electric mobility.


Exemplary Standards Compliance: Every GTAKE electric vehicle motor controller stands as a paragon of adherence to standards. Conforming to the rigorously vetted benchmarks of GB/T 18488.1, GB/T 2423.17, GB14023.4, and GB/T 17619.4, these controllers ensure a foundation of quality and reliability.


Swift Torque Response: A swift response time of <5ms underscores the agility of GTAKE’s motor controllers. With torque control accuracy resting at an impressive ±5%, these controllers deliver precise and instantaneous power output.


Innovative Cooling Solutions: Elevating power density and overload capacity, GTAKE employs SMD MOSFET and aluminum plate cooling technology. This fusion not only enhances efficiency but also lays the groundwork for sustained high-performance operation.


Optimized Power Density: A remarkable equilibrium between power and form is achieved, manifesting as big power density, compact dimensions, and a lightweight construction. This harmony not only ensures optimal power delivery but also contributes to a reduced vehicle body weight, underpinning efficiency.


GTAKE’s cutting-edge EV motor controller inverter solutions empower electric vehicles with seamless integration and optimal performance. Through our commitment to advanced technology, seamless integration, and enhanced efficiency, we are driving the future of electric mobility. Choose GTAKE as your trusted partner for EV motor controller inverter solutions and unlock the full potential of electric vehicles.


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